In a musical industry every day more saturated with new labels, new vinyls, that seems to be a run to the success, who released best, who released more, who had the best artists or the best party, Rowle decided to envelope a concept between music and unique artworks for the pleasure to look on a full colored and detailed cover while high quality music is sounding on a turntable in a club, in a festival or inside an house having a chill out moment. Nowadays there are too much egos and hype around the most beautiful thing in the world, for these reasons everyone may ask themselves if music has already its main ro(w)le: Setting off a sensation of peace and happiness in everybody. It must be like this, it must returns like this. For us is a bet, for us is a journey like a child that wants to discover new things, listen new melodies and explore the musical universe. This is the beginning of our story, let the music speak.


Graphic Concepts and Illustrations are made by the talented painter Juli Jah, specialized in watercolor technique.

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